Cathedral Operational Catering Advice – Truro Cathedral

Following on from our recent catering review and options appraisal for Truro Cathedral as part of a programme of works funded by the cultural recovery fund, Montfort Catering Consultants have recently further supported with the implementation of the proposed recommendations. Specifically, this has included:

  • Detailed research into local artisan suppliers to support menu repositioning including identifying local, unique and artisan suppliers along with related products and costs, able to create differentiation of offer and broaden appeal.
  • Consideration as to how the proposed menu items could be incorporated within a refreshed menu to provide both differentiation as well as appeal to a wider range of visitors.
  • Detailed costings and tariff recommendations.
  • Recommendations for marketing and communication the new menu.

Truro Cathedral welcomes all and provides an enriching visitor experience through worship, music, events, arts and learning. The Cathedral Restaurant serves part of the Cathedral’s mission, bringing people together, as well as wider pastoral elements.

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Posted on August 17th, 2021