Catering Operational Advice & Support

This area of our advice and support focuses on improving the performance and customer experience of existing food and beverage outlets, ensuring that catering is customer centric, culturally sympathetic and commercially sustainable.

  • Catering Operational Reviews & Development
  • Catering Quality Performance Audits
  • Catering Financial Performance Reviews
  • Operational Efficiency & Business Improvement
  • Operational Development Plans & Implementation
  • Market Research & Customer Profiling
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing Strategies & Planning

Our Approach

Culturally Sympathetic

At Montfort we ensure that the catering is culturally sympathetic and relevant to the wider aspirations and activities of the organisation as well as being appropriate to the venue design and style.

Commercially Sustainable

As specialist catering consultants we are able to provide greater assurance to the long-term success of your catering operation through the provision of expert knowledge and advice.

Customer Centric

Our empathetic customer centric approach supports creating a sense of place for the food and drink operations that we are asked to improve and develop.

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