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If you are seeking catering advice to improve the financial performance or customer experience for an existing operation, need support with the development of a catering strategy or feasibility study for a new catering operation or are looking for support sourcing an external catering provider these are some of the areas that we are able to provide expert knowledge, advice and guidance on.

Montfort Consultants is an innovative, specialist, catering consultancy providing independent practical advice on catering, creating exciting, relevant, practical and financially sustainable food and beverage operations. We work with all types of businesses from small and large arts organisations and historic buildings to large leisure attractions, corporations, the public sector and charitable trusts.

Our catering consultants’ cross-sector experience, which includes museums, visitor and leisure attractions, art centres and galleries, theatres, historic buildings, cathedrals, outside spaces and parks, the workplace, retail and the high street, enables relevant knowledge and approaches from one sector to be applied to another.

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Catering Consultants

‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptive to change’.

There is often debate as to whether this phrase was originally coined by Darwin. Regardless of its origin, the need to continually adapt couldn’t be much more relevant than in relation to existing restaurants, cafés, visitor catering, workplace dining, university catering and all other types of food and beverage operations.

Our approach of applying knowledge and experience from related and wider sectors, combined with robust market intelligence, local research and insightful interpretation of data, provides informed management information on which sound business decisions can be made. It also provides something else – a solid structure on which to ensure your café, restaurant or catering operation is aligned to your customers’ needs and continues to stand out from the crowd. We ensure that your food and beverage business continues to evolve based upon the application of intelligence and relevant innovative initiatives that are practical while meeting the wider objectives of the business. For some existing catering operations this may involve a quick review of the operation, while for others it can be a more detailed catering review and assessment of the wider environment combined with a financial review, followed by support with implementation of the recommendations.

Development of new catering facilities, be it visitor catering, employee dining, university catering or high street cafes and restaurants, forms a major part of the catering advice services that we support businesses with. While the approach to developing a feasibility study, catering strategy or business plan is different to that of developing existing catering operations, the same principles apply, as does the need to adapt. After all, no two environments are ever identical, customers’ needs differ and trends evolve.

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