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If you are looking for specialist catering advice to develop a new café, restaurant or bar; are thinking about making changes to existing catering facilities; or considering the best way to manage your catering operation do get in touch to see how we could support you.

Developing New Catering Operations

Successful catering operations don’t just happen. For catering to be viable, relevant and commercially sustainable a great deal of planning, knowledge and specialist expertise is required.

Planning new food and beverage facilities present a series of questions, including: Who will the customers be and how many each day? What’s the competition? Where are the market gaps and opportunities? What type of catering is required? Where should it be located? What’s the business case? How should it be managed?

As specialist catering consultants, Montfort are able to advise and support you through the process with proven expertise and knowledge along with robust market data, giving your new or redeveloped catering a leading advantage in the local and wider marketplace.

Improving Performance & Customer Experience for Existing Catering Operations

All businesses need to evolve. In some cases this may be a minor realignment of service or product offering to suit changing customer needs as well as achieve greater financial potential for the catering operation. For other restaurants, cafes and bars it is necessary to undertake a more comprehensive catering operational and financial review of the business performance as well as understand the relevance of the offer and identify often interrelated initiatives to put the operation back on track.

Our approach focuses on optimising the sales potential through realignment of the food and beverage provision to enhance the customer experience while identifying the optimum cost structure.

Outsourcing & In-House Management Support

Across the sectors that we advise within we have developed specific catering tender and operator selection methods to ensure catering partners are relevant and customer centric as well as cultural sympathetic to each individual organisation’s values and specific needs.

For some organisations the level of support required is a focused high level market test or catering expression of interest, while other organisations ask us to support them with a full catering tender service, including development of all documents and project management.

We are also regularly asked to provide on-going contract management to ensure that the catering continues to meet the agreed service standards, providing a consistently high customer experience as well as the agreed financial return.

For other organisations, managing their catering ‘in-house’ can be the more viable and preferred option. We are able to support with both development advice for an in-house catering operation as well as providing on-going operational support.

Our Approach

Culturally Sympathetic

At Montfort we ensure that the catering is culturally sympathetic and relevant to the wider aspirations and activities of the organisation as well as being appropriate to the venue design and style.

Commercially Sustainable

As specialist catering consultants we are able to provide greater assurance to the long-term success of your catering operation through the provision of expert knowledge and advice.

Customer Centric

Our empathetic customer centric approach supports creating a sense of place for the food and drink operations that we are asked to improve and develop.

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