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New Operations or Changes to Existing Operations

Successful catering operations don’t just happen. In a constantly evolving environment, with more knowledgeable and demanding consumers, coupled with an increasing number of alternative options vying for our attention, a great deal of planning, knowledge and specialist expertise is required if a catering operation is to be both unique and successful.

Planning new food and beverage facilities presents a series of questions including: What type of catering is required? Where should it be located? How many cafes, restaurants and bars should there be? When should it be open? What will the revenue and cost structure look like? What size should it be? What equipment will be required in the kitchen? How should it be managed?

As specialist catering consultants, Montfort Consultants are able to provide greater assurance to the success of the business through the provision of expert knowledge and advice – from research and market data through to the creation of business plans and full concept development. This is not only for new operations; we are also regularly asked to support changes or additions to existing catering facilities.

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