Operator Selection/Tendering & Contract Management


Many of the organisations we work with already have contractual arrangements with catering partners who are responsible for operating the onsite catering facilities on client premises. For other organisations, it will be the first time they are considering an outsourced option for an existing or new catering operation.

Operator Selection/Tendering

  • Contractual Options & Structure
  • Creation of Pre-Qualification, Invitation to Tender & Service Level
 Agreement Documents
  • Identification of Potential Catering Partners
  • Joint Venture & Bespoke Management Solutions
  • Tender Assessment/Evaluation
  • Caterer Presentations & Site Visits
  • Development of Heads of Terms & Contract Integration
  • Negotiation

While commonalities exist across all catering operations, the overall requirements of the catering facilities for a large corporate building will differ considerably to that of a museum or visitor attraction and as such will require a specific style of caterer and a different contractual approach.
We work across all sectors and have developed specific catering tender and operator selection processes to suit individual sector and client requirements. This ranges from full OJEU processes, typically used within the public sector, through to less formal and bespoke market testing, search, selection and negotiation approaches which are often more appropriate for some organisations within the commercial marketplace. Whatever the requirement, we are able to support through all elements of the process, ensuring the optimum potential for the client organisation. 

Operator Selection

Contract Management

  • Contractual Reviews
  • Operational & Financial Reviews
  • Budget Coordination
  • Performance Management Meetings
  • Remote Support

The rationale for contracting out catering services to an external specialist catering partner varies from one organisation to the next. The more typical motive for an outsourced strategy is to introduce expertise for a ‘non-core’ business activity. However, there is often the expectation that the catering partner will work autonomously from the organisation, with minimal client input. This approach can work reasonably well within more commercial sectors, however it is often less successful within environments such as the workplace and visitor attractions where the catering provision is typically only accessible to the immediate population rather than a destination in its own right. 

Although the introduction of a specialist catering organisation will reduce the time requirement needed from the client on a daily basis, the more successful catering operations are based upon a structured partnership approach between the client and the caterer. Often, catering is only one element of the client’s remit and as such available time or specialist catering knowledge can be limited. 

We are able to optimise the contract potential through supporting organisations with all levels of cost effective contract management from ad hoc advice to a full ‘in-house’ client service. For further details, please contact us.


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