Exchange Young People’s Theatre – Café Bar Feasibility & Business Planning

Montfort Catering Consultants are delighted to be supporting Exchange Young People’s Theatre with a feasibility study; scoping exercise and business plan advice for their new café bar within the, currently being developed, Exchange Young People’s Theatre, Paisley.

Exchange Young People’s Theatre by PACE is Scotland’s first theatre dedicated to producing, receiving and promoting theatre for children, young people and families.

PACE Theatre Company has been running since 1988, specialising in working with children and young people. PACE currently operates from several venues around Paisley and for some time has been seeking a more suitable home.

The Exchange Young People’s Theatre, a former Templar Hall, will complement other planned performance spaces in Paisley. It will also have more visible presence in Paisley, partly by operating a public café bar.

Montfort Catering Consultant’s are working with Exchange Young People’s Theatre undertaking the feasibility and business planning for the new café bar – watch this space for further updates!

If you’re looking for support to develop your theatre café bar or would like to discuss how we could support you improve the potential of your existing food and beverage operation, financial return and audience experience, do get in touch for an informal talk with a qualified catering consultant.

Posted on November 4th, 2021