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In this two part series, we celebrate some of the cinemas and art centres that have proactively developed their food and drink menus and environments to meet the changing needs of the UK consumer.

Cinema catering has come a long way from the days when you had to be grateful for a processed hot dog, extortionately priced popcorn and a sticky cup of post-mix soda. Unfortunately, the later have not been completely banished, however, a number of cinemas and art centres are now leading the way when it comes to innovative, quality and value for money food and drink.

At the more ‘fine dining’ end, to put it in their own words, the Odeon at Whiteleys Shopping Centre provides an ‘in seat’ dining experience, where patrons dine as they watch their films. The menu, designed by acclaimed chef Rowley Leigh, is based around ‘finger, fork, side and spoon dishes’. Sample menu items include tuna sushi with wasabi and soy (£7.50) and red mullet and prawn risotto (£11). They have clearly also decided that there is still room for the nostalgic, with a hot dog, popcorn and ice cream soda combo (£11.50).

electric_cinemaThe Electric Cinema, Notting Hill, provides food and drinks up to five minutes before the main feature starts. The menu is more in keeping with current trends, including a number of ‘small plates’, all priced at £5, including chicken tikka with rice and pork belly with braised red cabbage. Desserts follow a similar pricing theme, all at £3.50.

If its fabulous cakes that you’re after pre or post your favourite film, then Konditor & Cook at the Curzon Soho is the place to go.

In part II we move east and also to Bristol and Manchester to share more quality cinema catering operations.

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Posted on February 8th, 2012