Independent Coffee Houses – Part III – Catering Advice

Continuing our overview of independent coffee houses…

Nude Espresso

Winner of ‘Independent Cafe of the Year UK 2010’ (Cafe Society), Nude Espresso, like a number of other independents, roast their own beans which are also available for wholesale and retail, including via their website. ‘London’s leading micro roastery’ is how they describe themselves. The coffee is ‘aged’ for at least seven days, intensifying the flavours and producing a longer lasting crema. Located on Hanbury Street, near Brick Lane and with a more recent addition on Soho Square.

St Ali

Another coffee bar and cafe, with their own roastery, as well as an interesting all day menu. In addition to the coffee, if you are hungry try the ‘famous for’ Dexter Hamburger’. Located on Clerkenwell Road.

Monmouth Coffee

Monmouth Coffee started roasting coffee from the basement of their Covent Garden site on Maltby Street in 1978. Now with two further shops on Maltby Street, Bemondsey and Park Street, Borough Market, their name is synonymous with the best coffee. Sourcing, roasting and both wholesale and retail is a key part of the business. However, if you want to step back in time and experience one of the best coffees in London visit their Borough Market site. As well as espresso based coffee, their ‘cone filter’ coffee is as aesthetically pleasing to watch as the taste. The sharing table, where you pay and help yourself to as much bread and preserves as you can handle, is also great value.

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Posted on January 16th, 2012