Food Trends – The Experimental Food Society Spectacular

Who and what you may be asking? “The Experimental Food Society was founded by Alexa Perrin in January 2010 to front the UK’s most talented culinary creatives, showcasing a troupe of ground-breaking gourmet artists that demonstrate there is more to life than just swallowing”.

That’s the opening quote on their website but we don’t think its half as interesting as the website itself and their up and coming Experimental Food Society Spectacular (The Truman Brewery Oct 21, 22 and The Folly on Oct 23).

Some of our favourite organisations include:

Blanch & Shock – private caterer, combining food and art.

Melon Man – a fruit and vegetable carver, specialising in melons.

Choc Star – it may look like an ice cream van, but guess what….

Pop Bakery – cake art popped on a stick.

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium – described as a mobile ice cream bar for the grown-ups.

Bompas & Parr – famous for their jelly sculptures and working with clients including Lord Foster, their work has also included ‘scratch and sniff’ cinema, amongst other things.

Rambling Restaurant – a collective that creates extraordinary menus in unique spaces.

We seem to have got a little distracted with this ‘brief overview’. If you really want to get involved visit and book yourself on this extraordinary event in October. – Catering Consultants

Posted on October 4th, 2011