Catering Operational Reviews and Concept DevelopmentCatering Operational Reviews & Development

Improving & Developing Existing Catering Operations

All businesses need to evolve. In some cases this may be the minor realignment of service 
or product offerings to suit changing economic and market needs. For other catering operations it is necessary to undertake a more comprehensive review of their business performance and identify a series of interrelated initiatives to put the business back on track.

All too often, the approach is focused solely on reducing the operating costs of the business in order to achieve a greater profit or lower subsidy. The consequences of this approach can be permanently damaging by providing reduced customer experience and value for money; eventual loss of further customers and an ever deteriorating financial position. Our approach focuses on optimising the sales potential through realignment of the food and beverage provision to the needs of customers as well as identifying the optimum cost structure for the revised business model.

Operator Selection/Tendering & Contract Management

Services – Overview

Option Appraisals & Feasibility Studies

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