Whether you are undertaking a catering feasibility study, need support setting up a new operation, are reviewing how to improve the performance of your existing catering or are looking to outsource to a catering partner, as a specialist catering consultancy, we are best placed to help you. We work with all types and sizes of organisations, including museums, visitor and leisure attractions, art centres and galleries, theatres, historic buildings, parks and open spaces, offices and multi-tenant locations, retail and the high street. Our catering consultancy services focus on creating and developing catering operations that are exciting, relevant and deliverable, providing value for money and excellence for customers whilst optimising the financial potential for the Client. Organisational and Client requirements differ from one project to the next, as does the level of input required. Some of our services are sector specific, although we often apply relevant knowledge gleaned in one sector to another.We have categorised our catering consultancy services into four main areas. However, they often merge across the categories depending on the specific nature of the project. We are also able to support with the application and implementation of initiatives, ensuring that your catering develops in line with your objectives and market requirements. Follow the links on the right for further specific information and insight as to our catering advice services and their benefits. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a catering consultant, please do get in touch.  

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