Museum Visitor Catering Post Covid-19 Business Planning – Horniman Museum & Gardens

Continuing our long partnership of supporting and developing the visitor café and wider food and beverage offer at Horniman Museum & Gardens, we are currently providing post Covid-19 operational and business planning advice.

Prior to Covid-19, developing and creating commercially resilient and culturally sympathetic catering operations was intrinsic to the catering consultancy support and advice we provided. In preparation for fully reopening the catering at the museum and gardens this approach combined with a revised operating model will be invaluable to the on-going success of the food and drink provision at the museum and gardens.

Our previous catering consultancy advice to the Museum, supporting the ‘Future Framework for the Horniman’ vision, has included undertaking a feasibility study and developing the future food and beverage proposals for the Museum. This has involved an analysis and interpretation of the market along with determining future needs, demand and business model planning as well as defining café and wider food and beverage opportunities to be considered for investment.

Since 2012 we have also provided on-going strategic, operational and financial planning and development support for the catering operation at the museum and gardens, creating significant year-on-year growth and financial return to the museum as well as contributing to an outstanding visitor experience.

To see more details as to how we have supported the Horniman Museum & Gardens with catering consultancy advice and development clink this case study link.

Posted on May 11th, 2021