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Recent research by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) has revelled the impact that the wettest summer for 100 years and the Olympic games has had on Britain’s popular visitor attractions.

Figures released on Monday 8th October 2012 reveal that London suffered worst in terms of reduced year-on-year visitors numbers. However, ALVA members for the rest of England saw an average decline of 4.7%.

Based on the period May – August 2012 compared to the same period in 2011, the research identified that in London visitor numbers dropped by 21.3% across Gardens & Leisure, 20.3% across Heritage & Cathedral members and 13.1% across Museums & Galleries. For the rest of England, Gardens & Leisure attractions were 0.7% above 2011 levels, with Heritage & Cathedrals down 6.4% and Museums & Galleries 8.6% down on the previous period. The picture for Scotland was also mixed, with an 11% decrease in visitor numbers across Gardens & Leisure, 10% decrease in Heritage and Museums & Galleries up 16.3%.

The biggest decrease in visitor numbers was seen across the Gardens & Leisure sector in London, including venues such as the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, The Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley and ZSL London Zoo. These venues also saw a 12.5% fall in catering revenue. However, for the rest of England, catering faired much better – with only Gardens & Leisure catering spend reducing by 0.4%. Interestingly, despite a decline in visitor numbers for Heritage & Cathedrals (6.4%) and Museums & Galleries (8.6%), catering increased 1.8% and 3.4% respectively. In Scotland Gardens & Leisure catering remained stable despite an 11% drop in visitor numbers and Museums & Galleries catering remained stable even though visitor numbers increased by 16.3%

See below for full details:

LondonVisitor No’sCatering Spend
Gardens & Leisure-21.35%-12.5%
Heritage & Cathedrals-20.3%-8.6%
Museums & Galleries-13.1%-7.5%
Rest of England
Gardens & Leisure 0.7%-0.4%
Heritage & Cathedrals-6.4% 1.8%
Museums & Galleries-8.6% 3.4%
Gardens & Leisure-11.0% 0.0%
Museums & Galleries 16.3% 0.0%

May-Aug 2012, compared to May-Aug 2011 (ALVA 9th October 2012)

To see the full details, along with the impact upon retail spend see ALVA.

While a decline in visitor numbers will, for many organisations, have an impact upon catering spend, there are often other variables which can impact upon the catering spend. As such, there are specific strategies and initiatives that can support in improving levels of stability in relation to the number of regular catering customers and spend, whatever the weather. If you are looking at developing new visitor catering facilities or would like to optimise the potential from your existing facilities, please do get in touch.

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Posted on October 16th, 2012