Independent Coffee Houses – Part IV – Cafe Advice

Some catering trends come and go, while others evolve. When developing new catering concepts, or improving existing catering, it is important to introduce a level of uniqueness as well as understanding the trends and your potential customers’ needs. Part IV of our Independent Coffee series provides an overview of different coffee house styles and approaches.


Notes have two sites, located next to the Coliseum on St Martin’s Lane and on Wellington Street, Covent Garden. The St Martin’s Lane shop was originally a specialist music shop, with this element now provided in the basement at both of these sites. Their house espresso blend is supplied by Square Mile Coffee Roasters. The St Martin’s site design provides nostalgic links back to the past with their metal tubular and wood ‘school’ chairs. As well as coffee and snacks a selection of wines are served throughout the day. Don’t forget to look up through glass skylight and enjoy a stunning view of the Coliseum’s famous spinning orb.


The Espresso Room

It’s by no means a large coffee shop, with a focused menu. Based on Gt Ormond Street, the coffee is well worth calling in for if you’re in the area.
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Posted on January 19th, 2012