Yorder App – Stadia In-Seat Food Ordering

How many times have you been at a major sporting event and wished that you could order food and drinks from your seat and have it delivered to you? Well now you can and we are not talking about corporate hospitality!

An app, called Yorder, has recently been released in the US, allowing fans to order food and drinks from the stadium’s concession stands. The free app is able to recognise its location, enabling it to be used at participating stadia. Once an order has been placed, payment is made via PayPal. The order is then received by the concession owner and delivered to the fan’s seat.

Co-founder Kenji Kato believes the app could revolutionise food concessions at sporting events and concerts.

Unfortunately, Yorder is not available in the UK yet. However, Kato has told us, “Currently we have only launched the service in the United States. But we are actively looking at international markets, including several possibilities in the UK”. Watch this space…..

For further information: http://www.yorder.it/

Posted on April 14th, 2011